These two juveniles were found killing birds and squirrels and were caught red handed by our members Nabonita and her associates at Islampur, Uttar Dinajpur. This is the third time the same boys have been found killing birds. Like before this time also they were taken to the forest department’s office along with the dead birds. The Islampur beat officer some Jha Babu told our members to release them as they were teenagers. They couldn’t be arrested. The members informed me everything over telephone. I talked to the Beat Officer and asked him how many times they will be allowed to go Scot free. I also requested him to send them to court and the judge should decide what to do. They agreed to do so. But when the parents of the two boys went to forest office, the Beat Officer sent them to our member Nabonita’s house to settle the matter and gave her phone number. The relatives of the boys threatened Nabonita. All these happened due to the forest department’s provocation. This is not the first time they are doing so, the Islampur and Chopra forest office always discourage our members when they rescue some Snake and hand over to them. They are interested only in tree felling cases and keeping good relation with the timber merchants. Some months ago a govt employee killed a mongoose and our members rescued the dead mongoose and handed over to them. And after we had informed the ADFO took action and the man had to pay a fine of Rs 5000 /-. But this time as we have come to know, this time also the two boys have been released after their relatives gave an undertaking. The ranger informed me that they had arranged for post mortem of the dead birds. I have informed the DFO Mr Dwiparna Dutta about this. But he too seems to be indifferent about this. However, we have decided to go for a deputation and submit a memorandum to the D F O , Raiganj Social Forestry Division.

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