Once again a bull falls into an uncovered soak pit at Bajitpur, near Raiganj and dies ultimately. The fire brigade tried to lift it, but the bull perhaps died of heart failure before being lifted successfully. The members of Uttar Dinajpur PFA reached the place of incident for providing treatment to it, but came back with a heavy heart. This is yesterday’s incident but we face these often. Sometimes we ourselves lift the animals, sometimes we take the help of the fire brigade. Careless people who keep such soak pits, manholes uncovered, are responsible for such tragic deaths of animals. This is definitely a crime. We request everyone not to keep such soak pits, wells and manholes uncovered and whenever you see such uncovered soak pits, manholes, protest against it and don’t leave the place until it gets covered. If necessary please do inform us immediately. The uncovered pits, wells may be a death trap for humans also, particularly for children.

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