A burn owl was rescued by our member Riju Shil and Bhaskar Nag at Subhasganj. Mr. Ashok Biswas, the house owner was very pleased to see a white owl in his house and adore the owl by sindur and marigold. Our member Bhaskar Nag inform Mr. Ashok about the harmful affects of sindur or any other colors on animals. Now the owl was given to the forest department. They will released that owl at his ideal habitat.

We request people to keep distance from any wildlife potentials. Though every animals are related to God and specially in India every animal individually represents a individual God or Goddess, the direct conflict of animals with human and adoring them with sindur is always harms that animal. So when you seen any animals, birds, or any other wilder potentials, protect them from too much human conflict and call us immediately.

Use this links for more information about burn owls:

People thinks that the white owls are the mount of godd’s laxmi and so when a burn owl that is called laxmi owl (লক্ষ্মী পেঁচা) enters someone’s house, people thinks that the wealth, fortune, and prosperity will enters very soon in that house and therefore they started to worship the owl instead of protecting them from human conflict.

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