It is a request from the members of The Uttar Dinajpur People for Animals to all the good thinking people of the world not to kill, harm or tease any wild animal or domestic animal as it may disturb the ecological balance in nature due to extinction and  decrease in their number. Therefore, it is our humble request from our NGO to all the citizens of the world that you assist us in our mission to maintain the ecological equilibrium by protecting these animals. If you face any trouble due to wild or domestic animals, then may contact the forest department and any other Animal Welfare  Organization instead of being aggressive & cruel  towards them. CRY A HALT TO YOUR KILLING SPIRIT. It’s our belief that through the universal love of animals we will arrive at a universal love of human beings too.

N.B. If any such event takes place within your knowledge in Uttar Dinajpur district please contact the forest department and also The Uttar Dinajpur People for Animals.We have been working in Uttar Dinajpur District for the welfare of animals and environment for the last 17 years under the guidance and supervision of our respected chairperson Smt Maneka Gandhi. Contact numbers are given below:-


Mr. Goutam Tantia (Secretary) – 9434232567,

Saikat Dutta – 7501413100,

Nibaran Debnath – 9932438165,

Souvik Chaki – 9046119897,

Sumit Chanda – 7872306999,

Sumit Paul – 9832585861.

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