One baby owl was rescued by a teacher Swarnali Nag today from Kasba Mahoso Primary School near Hemtabad. She is an Asstt teacher of the school and a real animal lover. She handed over the owl to our PFA Office as the owl, unable to feed on its own, might have died without its mother. Now it is under our care and treatment.

Our member Dr Utanka De will be looking after it. Once the owl becomes able to feed on its own, it will be released in forest. Though we don’t support this kind of rescue as this separates the baby from its mom, we have to receive the bird as its mother is no more. In such cases we try to rehabilitate the animals in its natural habitat .We thank Miss Swarnali Nag for saving the baby owl and handing over to us. We want more and more animal lovers like Swarnali who will show their love and sympathy for the voiceless animals.

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