The Uttar Dinajpur People For Animals (In short PFA Uttar Dinajpur) is a Non Govt. Organisation, registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act XXVI of 1961. It is the Uttar Dinajpur Unit, one of the 156 units of People For Animals that is run and chaired by India’s most popular animal activist Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi. Infact, it is the first registered chapter of ‘People For Animals’ in North Bengal. ‘People For Animals’ is a charitable trust formed to champion the cause of animals as they cannot fight for themselves. Uttar Dinajpur PFA has been in operation since 1998 and it was registered in the year 2000. We have been working for the welfare of animals and environment for the last 17 years with a group of Animal Crusaders and thus have come a long way in its zeal for the welfare of voiceless creatures and the protection of environment despite having no source of fund except our membership fees . If you too see them writhing and groaning in pain, please come forward to co-operate with us to help the voiceless animals. We believe that through the universal love for animals we will arrive at a universal love for men. Our major activities include providing treatment to street dogs, cows & other animals, rescuing snakes, birds & other wild animals, organizing Anti-Rabies Vaccination Drives , Animal Birth Control Programmes, Free Medical Treatment Camps & Organizing Awareness Camps on Snakes & Environment.